Cartoon avatar of Hugh BarnesMetamotive is my professional vessel. I'm Hugh Barnes.

Once I did an information technology degree.

I followed it by qualifying as a professional librarian and information manager.

I made databases, then websites, information models, library automation, a mobile app.

I worked in government, educaton, small business, community sector.

My core professional values are quality and integrity.

I enjoy exercise, food, music and the arts, and try to appreciate the Earth we live on.

I've been doing this gig since 2015 out of Lyttelton and now Oamaru, New Zealand, for a large variety of clients.

I use an old laptop.

I won't come out to visit you in a suit and tie.

If I work with you, I might try to get you to use tools like issue logs. But it's your call.

I believe coding is creative.

This site

This website is undergoing redevelopment since May 2018. It's not "finished". Websites should never be considered "finished" anyway, they don't work like that.

It's been built using the wonderful Grav CMS from an adapted Verti template by HTML5 UP using these images with permission from Unsplash: