Ground Gourmet Essentials

Jenny Garing's Ground website was originally developed before the Christchurch earthquakes (2010–11) when Ground was a cafe and delicatessen in Lyttelton. Without fixed physical premises, Ground has morphed into catering, teaching, consulting, and selling exotic foods and ingredients online.

Jenny has moved to Marlborough and wants to build up the brand again through writing. She has being doing occasional spots on RNZ's Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan. The problems with the old site were: an old design and a custom proprietary Content Managment System (CMS) that had broken and was not viable to repair.

So the remit was to move the site to an easy, robust, actively maintained, and openly documented CMS, and for a visual refresh. Once I had built the website structure, Jenny was also able to, and did do, a massive content overhaul: cutting, replacing, and adding products and recipes.

We added extra fields to recipes to make them easier to filter and discover, both on the site and through Pinterest.

  • simple editing, especially recipe and product detail
  • database import of old recipes and products
  • image autoscaling
  • automatic links to recent recipes on Jenny's blog website
  • Paypal product links
  • social media sharing cards, especially product and recipes for Pinterest
  • links between products and related recipes
  • recipe filtering by cuisine, tag, meal type
  • simple mobile friendly layout for recipes suitable for both common tasks: evaluating a recipe, and cooking to a recipe.