International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions

The International Committee on Marine Bioinvasions is a global scientific reaaecrh organisation of marine biologists. It holds a biennial conference at different locations around the world. (The next conference, originally due in 2021 in USA, has been pushed back twice now for a year so that it can be held safely in person.)

A different organising committee is formed for each conference, and they take over the website maintenance. The website contains mostly news and updates, information about past conferences, and information about the upcoming conference.

ICMB wanted both a refresh of the look of the website, and to be able to hand the site over to the organisers of the next conference. So after selecting and adapting a theme and integrating artwork developed for the next conference, here is what we have:

  • simple editing for standard website page types
  • a bright, optional urgent message banner for occasions like conference postponements
  • archives
  • news and updates
  • speaker profiles
  • conference event information
  • local area information
  • online embedded (Google) registration forms
  • social media sharing cards
  • translated pages.