Veveritz Properties Limited

The proprieters of this small rental portfolio company came to me with a simple requirement. Even before the pandemic, rental applicants expect to be able to lodge tenancy applications online.

They and their applicants were finding dealing with paper and email applications quite cumbersome. For now, I have built Veveritz a basic three-page website comprising a home page, general contact form, and online tenancy application.

The rental form features:

  • fields which show depending on other field values;
  • direct links and QR codes to apply for a specific property/addresses, which:
    • simplifies applications for users
    • allows reliable automatic sorting by address
    • allows direct linking from Trademe listings
  • document uploads
  • secure cloud storage for applications and accompanying documents
  • PDF-formatted summaries of application details
  • allowing applicants to download the generated PDF after application
  • receipt emails to applicants.

The website may be expanded in future to include:

  • building up an applicant submissions summary spreadsheet to make an overview simpler
  • property listings on the site
  • automatically notifying all applicants of the outcome when a tenant has been signed.